What's Up Magnet
What's Up Magnet
What's Up Magnet


What's Up Magnet

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Choose the magnets you like most, make a face and leave a message on the fridge. Perhaps you’ll get a message back...

- Weekend in Paris?
- We run out of rice...
- Good morning sweetie!
- Have you seen the drawings the kids made for you  ;)
- Call Maria!
- Don’t forget the breakfast
- Let’s meet at 5pm :)
- Remember the milk!!

Inside the rigid box you’ll find 2 sheets containing 58 different magnets, a magnetic notepad to write messages and three different silhouettes made of paper if you wish to make more complete faces. 

  • Illustration from Txell Darne
  • Designed and made in Barcelona 
  • Material: cardboard and magnet


About Londji's Principle:
  1. Imagine at its best
  2. We claim the right to be kid regardless of our age
  3. Playing is the best way to learn
  4. We give toys the dignity they deserve
  5. Playing is sharing time with people you love
  6. Toys deserve to be beautiful too
  7. We want to make a better world to our children
  8. We play with everything but safety
  9. We slow cook in Barcelona
  10. Let's be honest as our grandparents taught us