Pop-Up Earth
Pop-Up Earth
Pop-Up Earth
Pop-Up Earth
Pop-Up Earth


Pop-Up Earth

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Open this book and explore the wonders of our planet! Find out how the Earth was formed, where life first evolved and when the first humans arrived. Explore its many treasures, travel beneath its surface and discover why it needs out help and what we can do to protect it...

Featuring five interactive pop-ups and gorgeous illustrations

  • A globe/cross section of the globe
  • A microscope showing the development of the living world
  • Fragile biodiversity portrayed as a house of cards
  • A tectonic plate
  • A waterfall

Accompanied by texts on the earth's natural resources, its biodiversity and the dangers that threaten it, this is a must-read for budding scientists and great dreamers.

  • Pop-up book
  • 22 pages
  • Size - 30cm x 23cm

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