Giotto Be-bè Super Large Pencil
Giotto Be-bè Super Large Pencil
Giotto Be-bè Super Large Pencil
Giotto Be-bè Super Large Pencil


Giotto Be-bè Super Large Pencil

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GIOTTO Be-bè Super Large Pencils are ideal for very young children with big ideas! 

The huge 7 mm lead allows the child to draw and colour in complete freedom and total safety, thanks to the plastic safety cap on the end of the pencil. These bright, soft colours are super-washable and easy to sharpen with the special sharpener included in each pack. With Large Pencils, it's easy to get creative!

  • Product of Italy.
  • Made of finest cedar wood 
  • Anti-bite plastic end covers
  • Safe and superwashable
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for 2+

6colors: Black, Brown, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 

12colors: Black, Brown, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Light Pink, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Orange


WHY GIOTTO Be-bè Super Large Pencil?

It works like a crayon, which is jumbo in size so it is easy and comfortable for young children to grip as they have small hand. It also has soft lead which makes the drawing and colouring process smooth and easy for the children.

Moreover the leads are adhered to the wood wrapping all the way down and the ends are covered with an anti-bite plastic so it will not dirty children’s hand when using and also play safe for children who likes to put the pencil in their mouths.