Sand Timers Set (6 pieces)
Sand Timers Set (6 pieces)
Sand Timers Set (6 pieces)
Sand Timers Set (6 pieces)


Sand Timers Set (6 pieces)

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Children learns the concept of time visually and sensorially through these sand timers made in fortified glass.

Time is an abstract idea to most young children. How do they learn to tell time? They need to understand the passing of time first. Using a sandtimer, they can learn to observe the different length of time. They are also to measure the time it takes to fill up a tub of water, or how long it takes to run from one spot to another.

We can also use the timers to aid our morning routines from waking up to getting dressed, having breakfast, to brushing teeth and putting on shoes and be out of the door! Tidying up toys can be fun with a competition with a time limit set by the timer! What other creative ways can you think of to incorporate the timers in your daily life?

The rainbow color sequenced 6 piece set includes: (one of each)

  • 1 min Purple
  • 3 mins Blue
  • 5 mins Green
  • 10 mins Yellow
  • 15 mins Orange
  • 30 mins Red

They are sold as a set and not separately.

Body: Borosilicate glass, Cap: Rubber
Dimensions: 4.5 cm (diameter) x 10 cm (length)

Age Recommended: 24 months+


Notice: The body of the timers is made of borosilicate glass, which is a type of fortified glass which is often compared to Duralex or Pyrex.

However, it is still glass. Please refrain from dropping them from high level.