Secret Life of Us

Playhood is a friendly place filled with wonder, endless fun and possibilities.

Because play is really the work of childhood.

We, 90s', raised up in a traditional way of 50s' and 60s'. Our childhood were somehow being constrained in books and tuition run. Of course, if you're finding it enjoyable and made you feel proud and grateful for, that would be fine. But so often, we felt the opposite. Especially when we guilted during playtime, and ask ourselves, should I stop playing and do revision.

As engineering background parents, we think it is necessary to become more self-aware on 'play' so that we can become more mindful of ways to stop us passing it on, to our children and their next generation.

Because childhood is all about having endless fun and curiosity, we believe children deserve a place to play and explore, to test out ideas, worry less of making mistakes and fully believing in themselves. 

Open-ended resources allow them to truly use their imagination to explore and play! As our daughter turned one, we had discovered how she engaged in play led us to develop unstructured play and sustainable toys. 

This is why we passionate about open-ended play and the exciting journey of Playhood has started.



We are a small business, currently run by a working mama. Education starts at home and there's no better way to deliver our message than bringing sustainable and educational toys to your doorstep.

We carefully curated educational toys that can be used in a variety of creative way. And so, focus on thoughtful design, safe and responsible materials.

We encourage unstructured play and the collection we are carrying will grow with your little ones and cater to different ages, stages and levels of learning. This provides them limitless play opportunities and minimal design which encourages improved focus and concentration.

When you shop in Playhood, please remember you are supporting our humble dream to create an endless fun for the little ones in your life!

A childhood that will last a lifetime.


We humbly invite you to journey with us.

Linda & Sean + Swen