Pre-Order Information

In order to help you stretch the value of every dollar spent, we take out the middle-man and reducing unnecessary overheads. Pre-orders help to fulfill these cost savings, while ensuring that you get the first pick of every shipment. 

We might occasionally open Pre Order for certain products. To get the latest update, please follow our IG account or you may subscribe to stay in the loop.

Lead time for pre-order might vary depending on factory workload. Hence initial ETA is only estimation and we will provide with the actual ETA in the nearer date. Normally it will take about 3-4months.

Appreciate for your patience as most of the collections we carry are handmade.

If pre-order Items are ordered with ready to ship products, your entire order will be shipped once the pre-order product arrives. Should you require a separate delivery, please contact us so that can be arranged. Shipping fee’s will apply or place separate orders to avoid any disappointment.