Mission to Keep Us Motivated

Have you ever nailed it when comes to decide what to buy for kids?
To me, the most struggling part is choosing for newborn and birthday under 3rd.

Not only parents, many of us (grandparents, relatives and friends) always get overwhelmed when we want to choose something either is for the person you are in love, you care about, to show appreciation or any event celebration.

No matter what the occasion is, if the gift comes from the heart and from a good space, it will be well received and everyone involved will be excited and overjoyed by the experience.

And so, we, Playhood plays a big part on this. 
We wish and seek to provide giftbox services for the young and the olds, including existing Mamma and Pappa, family members, uncle and aunties, not to forget about grandparents and little ones in your life! Each box will be categorised by price basis or you can personally curated for them, we do the packaging and as a Santa Claus :)

But why TOYS?

Because childhood is all about having endless fun and curiosity, we believe children deserve a place to play and explore, to test out ideas, worry less of making mistakes and fully believing in themselves.

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things."   -Plato

Here comes to another mission of Playhood

Education starts at home and there's no better way to deliver our message than bringing sustainable and educational toys to your doorstep. 

We encourage unstructured play and would love to share with like-minded parents about the Montessori-style learning products that we curated for our own little one. 

We carefully curated educational toys that can be used in a variety of creative way. And so, focus on thoughtful design, safe and responsible materials. We like to source Australian brands, supporting small businesses where there's putting a lot of effort and faith.

We hope to raise awareness of what matters - A childhood that will last a lifetime.

Playhood was born for this purpose.

We humbly invite you to create an endless fun and possibilities for the little ones in your life!


Linda & Sean + Swen