Collaboration/ Education Support

When we started this business, one of our goals was to make quality design and products more accessible to the modern parents. Our collections are curated based on their functionality, value and sustainability from all around the world. Pieces that support our little one's development yet are minimal design which encourages improved focus and concentration.
We welcome to collaborate bringing the best in children.
Whether you are from kids-friendly cafe, kids indoor playground or other child-related business, or from corporations/non-profit organizations/event organizers/sponsorships, we would like to work with you. Ask us for a special price if you plan to make bulk orders.
Education Support
Education starts at home and there's no better way to deliver our message than bringing the learning resources to everyone doorstep. 
We put tons of effort and hope to raise awareness of what matters - A childhood that will last a lifetime.
Let's connect today! We would love to be part of shaping the education system. If you are an organisation that works with children and love our curations, we are welcome to collaborate. 
Would like to make bulk purchase? Ask us for special price.