PlayhoodxNaomi Printable FAQ

1. Can I share the content of the printables on social media?

We would be excited to see photos and vidoes of your kids using our printables on social media!

Remember to tag @myplayhood and @play.with.naomi and/or use the hashtags #whereLitterExplorerPlayandLearn.


2. What is included in the physical book for each theme?
The physical book for each theme will contain at least 8 pages of your choice.

For example, if you would like to purchase a physical book for the theme "Colours and Shapes", you will need to choose at least 8 pages.


3. What is the size of the physical book?
It will be A5-sized. You can use it at home and it's also travel friendly.


4. Will all the pages be laminated and bind together?
We do not think that all the activities contained in the pages are suitable for lamination. Depending on the pages you selected, some of them may be laminated and some of them will simply be printed on A5-sized paper.

All the pages will be bind together using metal ring binder.


5. Will you cut and laminate all the small pieces required for the pages I chose?
Yes, we will cut and laminate all the small pieces required for the relevant pages. These will be store in a zip folder. 


6. Will I receive a digital version of the pages I chose?


7. Can I mix choose pages from different theme to make one physical book?
Each physical book must be of the same theme.


8. What is the right age for the physical book?
It depends on the pages you chose. The options available are suitable for children aged 2 to 6. However, each child is different. A child below the age of 2 may also enjoy the activities.

Please note that where small pieces are involved, children below the age of 3 should carry out the activities with adult supervision.


9. How long will it take for me to receive the physical book?

As the physical book is made to order (and with love), we require 5 to 7 business day to courier the physical book.

Please also cater for additional days for the courier services to deliver to your doorstep.



Feel free to ask us anything! :)

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