How to approach reading for beginner readers?

Why Phonics? How to approach reading for beginner readers?

Phonics is a time-tested methodology that teaches the sounds that correspond with letters and letter groups. In fact, studies show that phonics instruction greatly improves a child's foundation for word recognition, spelling, and reading comprehension.




1) Phonics is extremely impactful to a child's reading foundation.

2) There is a disconnect between the reading science and implementation in schools.

3) Students with a poor reading foundation will have a difficult time in building reading fluency.

4) Beginner readers in the US today require reading support at home to supplement what is being taught (or not taught) in schools.

5) Little Bud Kids Spin-and-Read Blocks are designed to help fill the gap of phonetic literacy. Our mission is to help empower boys and girls to discover the power of reading on their own as they use and explore these phonetic reading blocks.


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Full Article: Little Bud Kids, California.

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