Fun and Easy Homework with Air Dry Clay

Sparks Creativity with Giotto Art Blooming Set

Playing with self-curing, air dry clay is easy!

Author: @swimthechocolatesea



First, we prepared our right tools! ~Pen knife, rolling pin, chopstick, wood skewer, and two different diameter covers to use as molds. Then, we cleared the table and put baking paper on it so that the clay can be lifted easily without having it stick to the table. I took out the clay from its packaging and let Naomi's creative mind turning.


She thought it was like a flour dough, a hardened one. She started with kneading the clay evenly, then shaped it! She used a pen knife to cut and trim, a wood skewer to draw, round covers to make circles. She used her fingers to press, crimp the edges and peel away the remaining clay.

And tada, we left the "end products" air-dried for 3 days before she starts painting them!

Naomi is so proud of the knick-knacks that she created on her own! She even named them ✨COLLECTION✨and took out her color papers and styled the photoshoot!! haha!!!

I am proud too! ❤️

My 5 cents:
Air-dry clay is so great because it doesn’t require heating for a cure, so we do not need an oven to make it! Naomi is very familiar with playing flour dough, so this is another option to keep her little hands busy! Water can be added to the clay to soften it for easier shaping. I kept the unused or extra stash of clay in an Ikea ziplock bag and stored them at room temperature.

When comes to process art, air dry clay is one ideal choice. Naomi enjoyed the material so much and was very focused during the making process. She got so excited because she could paint and keep the end products forever!


Sparks Creativity with Giotto Art Blooming Set

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