Change It Up

Sparks Creativity with Giotto Water Color Block

Change it Up!

Author: Wei Lin

Being in (a very long) lockdown means we need to be creative about our spaces and activities. Just for a change of scenery.


B&J usually do art in the playroom these days because of the scorching hot weather. But today saw a pocket of shady weather and I took advantage of it. I asked the boys to paint outside in the fresh air, followed by a simple lunch picnic just to change things up and make it feel "new" again.

It's basically just recycling activities but in a different environment in an attempt to pretend things are normal and exciting 😌. You do what you do.

Try it and see! Paint in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garden on a picnic mat. If you're able to get to a park, paint or draw at the park. Bring out some snacks and make it seem like a holiday (chips in a nice bowl, a random ice cream). You'll be surprised that kids really appreciate it and it makes the endless lockdown days feel more like an extended special time rather than what it really is. A little does go a long way 🤍


If your kids like copying off pages of books like mine do, use a plate stand to stand the book up to the required page. You can get them from Ikea or Daiso; I prefer the ones from Daiso as it's cheaper and shorter (takes up less space for this purpose)

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